Andrew Wiggins’ Host Mother Says He Should Come To Louisville

Wiggins dunk

The most popular recruit in the 2013 class is without a doubt Canada native Andrew Wiggins. The 6-foot-8 phenom is regarded as the best high school prospect since Lebron James. He is the unanimous number one player in the 2013 class by any respected recruiting ranking system.

For the past year Wiggins’ recruiting has been a storyline. released their preseason All American teams last week and although he’s never played a game at the college level, he’s being tabbed as a first teamer. Whoever lands this kid will greatly benefit from the one year that he’ll be there.

Florida State, Kentucky, Kansas and North Carolina have appeared to be the leaders for Wiggins for the last few months. However, it’s hard to really tell which way he’s leaning. Those close to Wiggins maintain that even though it’s May, he still hasn’t made up his mind as to where he’ll spend his one season of college.

I’m no recruiting expert, but to my knowledge, Rick Pitino and the Louisville staff have never actively pursued Wiggins. However, his host mother says that if it were her decision, she’d like to see him at Louisville next season. Adam Himmelsbach of the Courier-Journal caught with Wiggins host mother on Monday evening.

“If it was my choice, I’d say he should go to Louisville,” Lesley Thomas tells Himmelsbach.

When you read that quote, there are probably two questions that you quickly ask yourself. For one, what is a host mother, and two, is there any chance at all that Wiggins ends up at Louisville?

A host mother/family are the people who take in players who come to America to play basketball. You may recognize the name Lesley Thomas, as she was also Gorgui Dieng’s host mother. Dieng attended the same prep school in Huntington West Virginia where Wiggins is currently a senior.

As far as the possibility of Wiggins shocking the world and committing to Louisville, never say never, but I certainly don’t think it will happen. Louisville has zero available scholarships for the next season, but Wiggins is the type of player that you make room for. I still say it’s highly unlikely, but just imagine if it did…

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Nick Coffey
Nick Coffey is the creator and lead publisher for Along with covering Louisville basketball, football and recruiting, Nick has worked in sports talk radio for over three years.


  1. Just imagine! We be ballin ova dem kitty cats in Lexington. Sho, dey be runnin skurred ova their. Gon get Wiggy n run da show again son!

  2. I sense a troll near.

  3. Would be awesome to see him in a Cards uniform, however I just don’t see it. I say he goes to Florida State. Sorry I hope he goes to Florida State or anywhere other than KY, just to show Cal that he can’t have whatever he wants.

  4. Yew already now dog shew!

  5. If he doesn’t go to the University of Lexington I am sure that within seconds it will be because they didn’t really want him

  6. I’m gay!!!!

  7. David Dougherty

    Yea he’s a phenomenal talent and going to be a household name in the league, but is he really a good fit for us if he were to be considering playing here? I’m not completely sold on it. Was Samardo? Terrence Jennings? Derrick Caracter? All 5 star guys, and all ended up not being able to play under pitino. Just saying, i would love to wrong because he’s an unbelievable player.

    • Well said. Adding to your line of thought, we also don’t need/want to be a destination for the one and done type player; we can excel without kids who really don’t want to be a part of the our tradition. They can be disruptive to what we want to, continue to, build at U of L.

  8. David Dougherty

    love to be wrong*

  9. He’s a one and done, so that doesn’t fit into our system very well. I like to see players develop and grow with the program. Wherever he goes, they will have to fill his shoes after only one year, what good is that?

  10. I am a Canadian and a U of L alumni and feel that a year or more learning from Rick Pitino would be ideal for Andrew Wiggins and U of L basketball. Andrew Wiggins obviously has
    not fallen in love with the four schools he visited or he would have already made a decision.

    • If Wiggins goes to UofL he will learn from THE BEST COACH IN THE COUNTRY !!! Plus they could hand us the national championship trophy RIGHT NOW. he should spend 2 to three years at Louisville then he will be ready for the NBA !

  11. shit get rid of zack price weak ass, and get wiggins. c’mon pitino!!

    • Price has shown me nothing and needs to transfer. What a waste of height.

      • That was the kind of talk we once heard about Van Treese. Zach is part of the family for our players, I like to think that he will grow into those big shoes before he graduates.

        • When he was at UK rick pitino had a “project ” named Nazir Mohammed, and Pitino made a player out of him. In fact Mohammed is still in the NBA playing for the Chicago Bulls. So don’t give up on Zach price yet.

  12. Why are we not recruiting this guy? We have one of the best programs in the nation, with the best facilities and one of the best coaches/staff. We should be recruiting the #1 prospect every year.

    • Yell i’m happy that Rick, has deleivered a champoionship but i want to see louisville’s name in on these type players every year and landing them to.

    • “We should be recruiting the #1 prospect every year.”

      When that is your attitude you find yourself needing to refill the slot the last #1 filled EVERY YEAR!. At the U of L, we don’t want to be that school.


        • Why all the SHOUTING? I know what they want because the Coach has told us what they want; pay attention.

      • I definitely agree with that! it would be amazing to have him, but i do not want a team that is looking for a replacement every year. i like OUR family.

  13. I think UL’s program would fit this kid perfectly. UK’s suicide rate would go up by 75%.

  14. this is a joke right? regardless there wasn’t that much competition in the NCAA last year and I doubt Louisville is gonna beat the Cats with the squad they have rolling in for next year just isn’t going to happen. always trying to be on the Cats but numbers don’t lie this has cracked me up clean yalls nasty city up and UL needs to start paying on that huge debt of an Arena that was built

  15. wiggins would learn how to cheat on your wife and to abort anything

  16. I suck dick!! I love butt sex!! My mom sucks cardinal cock!!! GO CAYUTS!!

  17. I can’t stand them cards. They keep winning, and my kitties keep losing. I know that beat down is coming in football, but we UK fans like to think that the year 2013 never happend. Hopefully Charlie strong doesn’t run up the score on us.

    • When I was young the UofK fans pretended UofL wasn’t worthy of playing the Wildcats, now they know we are good enough and can’t find a way to elevate their own school and can only attempt to drag the Cardinals down; sad, really, really, sad.

      Expand your horizons, life is too short to live it as a hater.

  18. Hes not coming here we didnt even offer him a scholarship. Lmfao

  19. Hey vance uk fans said that last year with the # 1 recruiting clasd when u lost to ROBERT MORISS is it bc ky sports suck so thats why ur on a ul app lmfao ur dumb and alabama,florida unc duke clemson all going after tom jurich and ppl like kirk herbstreet jay bilas and digger phelps and ncaa commisioner said ul is the best sports program in the country

  20. Sterling White

    UK is more excited about their recruiting class than UL is about a National Championship LOL!

  21. Uk fans still haven’t learned you can’t win with lack of experience! Lmao Cal continues to bring in freshmen an ship them out its not going to work! Lol

  22. Logan Haddaway

    Rick pitino will never recruit Andrew wiggins because he knows he is going to be a 1 and done and Rick pitino refuses to recruit guaranteed 1 and dones

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