Louisville’s New Football Field Almost Complete

louisville new field black

The University of Louisville’s football field makeover is almost 100% complete. After a decade of original turf, UofL decided that it was time to give their football field a more modern look. The project started on April 15th, when the old original turf was being dug up and replaced with FieldTurf surface.

The turf isn’t the only change to the field. The new end zones are now black and will have red letters. The new logo at midfield will be the actual Louisville Cardinal instead of the older winged Cardinal. The entire project is expected to be complete within the next two weeks.

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Nick Coffey
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  • cwoosta

    next is the seats? and are we just leaving the cards head on the 50 yard line or are they going to put more to it?

  • Frank

    The endzone letters will be white with red outline, not red letters. Also, as cwoosta asked about the Cardinal head, just the Cardinal head will be at midfield, not the winged bird of the past. Most everyone likes this change!

  • Frank

    The article seems to imply in saying that the old turf was “dug up and replaced with FieldTurf” that this is the first time U of L has had FieldTurf, but U of L has had FieldTurf for the last 10 years or so. This will just be a new FieldTurf with a new design.

  • cardsfan3

    I wish they would make the logo at midfield a little bit bigger… another 10 yds or so