Pitino & Calipari Pose For Picture Together In Lexington

Rick Pitnio and John Calipari eating dinner at the same restaurant in Lexington and posing for pictures together probably isn’t something you expected to see or hear about tonight, but it happened.

pitino cal dinner

Matt Jones of KentuckySportsRadio.com shared this picture on Monday night. Apparently Pitino and Calipari’s mutual friend who recently passed away once worked at the restaurant in Lexington.

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  • Kirk


  • Dustin

    Damn! Who’s the blonde??

    • Anonymous

      I don’t know but Patino has the grips.

  • D.K.

    They look like De Niro and Al Pacino in that diner in Heat movie

    • http://[email protected] larry lee

      HAHAHA ..they do have that mafia look

  • Anonymous

    Which one is Al Pacino?

  • JR

    I love it…… We are the Champs and it has to feel good to Coach Pitino!!

    • Katbluefan

      JR…It should feel good to Slick Rick, It took him long enough.

    • http://gobigblue mike

      next year we can move trophy 70 miles east

  • Jim G.

    as a UK and UofL fan that’s great to see–UK fans conveniently forget that Pitino brought 2 Championships to UK and a runner up. He’s been great for this state and all of college BBall. Tubby I know won but it was Pitino’s recruits

    • Richard

      I thought pitino and cal , were sworn enemies. Guess not. just fierce on court competitors. UK fans should love Pitino. he came to UK , when no one else wanted the job. Built Uk into a national power and won two national championships. ( yes they were coached by Tubby, but it was RP”s team!!) so rick pitino has 3 titles. he has been good for the commonwealth of Kentucky !!!!!!!

      • http://gobigblue mike

        no one else wanted the job what are you smoking clearly they could have any coach from any well almost any school in country except maybe 3 nc ucla and duke but kentucky would not take mike if he offered

    • Anonymous

      NOPE!!! Just one Championship

    • Anonymous

      You are exactly right. I’m not a UL fan I bleed blue but I love Pitino. He did great things for UK. I’m glad he got another one. He would have 5 or 6 if he never left.

  • Don

    Both coaches took UK Basketball teams to the National Championship and as a UK graduate, I am grateful for them and that achievement. And Malone’s is a great place for steaks! Go Cats! And congrats Cards!

    • Richard

      Thanks Don, UK fans and UofL fans can get along.

  • Toicat

    Glad to see this! Being a Florida resident since 1987, I can say that it is a pleasure to watch UL , UK, WKU, Morehead St, Murray & any other team from the Bluegrass do well. Congratulations to all Kentucky Teams!

  • MemphisCat

    Cal was eating at Sal’s and Rick was at Malone’s, the blond asked Cal if he would come over and take a picture with her and Rick. Cal is fan friendly and agreed.

  • Anonymous

    If this pic is real i also think it is good for the state of Kentucky but it looks photo shop to me Rick looks way too young for one and the guy in the background looks pasted in also

    • Curtis m

      Yeah, what a great photo shop job

    • Susan

      That was my first tho’t….photo shop. Pitino looks way too young and his face is too full in this photo! He’s an ole skinny, dried up prune in real life….with grey hair!!

  • Joseph

    Hey folks that still belivie that Rick built Kentucky your forgetting that Kentucky has always been a power house since they started that’s 80 + years Louisville started getting success in the mid 80s Louisville will never be up to the level of UK we have 8 titles and the next season will be 9 chew on that and it took Rick 13 years at Louisville to get a title it took John only 3

    • G

      I’m a KY fan, but dogmatic dumbassery like this makes me cringe. Quit turning us into the Yankees of college hoops with your never ending devotion to a program. He won, and we got bounced in the first round of the NIT. Congrats to Pitino.

      • H

        Well said, G. Finally, a rational UK fan. I’d given up hope. Half of UK’s titles came when the nit was bigger than the ncaa, although they won that, too.

  • Woodyman

    OK, I’m a UK grad, ex-wife & both sons also graduated from UK, so I “bleed blue”, but all this bickering over UL’s championship is silly. Great job Louisville! Congrats to Pitino! At least it was another Kentucky team that won it all! Are we all so selfish? I am confident that Calipari can bring another championship home to Kentucky next year… what a state… better than UNC and Duke in North Carolina!! Be happy for that! Go Cats !!!

  • Mullets suck

    Yea that’s all UK fans know to say. “We have more titles than UofL.” Since 1980, it’s dead even. The other titles uk have are back before you could slam dunk a ball and African Americans were allowed to play with honer. UK will never have the athletic program that UofL has. Uk don’t even know how to spell football or any other sport than basketball. So quit thinking that god only loves UK basketball and prepare for the true color of blood to dominate the state of Kentucky. RED… UK will never have a true team as long as Cal is there. They envy coach P for his productivity and success of of building teamwork and heart. UK can suck a fat one:) Haters

    • Troy

      Your dumb your blood is blue until it hits air dimbass. That’s the true color.

  • Matt

    Congrats to Pitino! At least it was another Kentucky team that won it all! I am a UK fan because of Pitino and what he did in the 90′s to build our program. UK fans should forever be grateful to Rick. He regretted ever leaving.. Both UK and UofL will be strong next season. Go Big Blue!

  • dave schoen

    Is that Tubby?