Photos: Kevin Ware Reunited With His Teammates

ware walking

Kevin Ware has arrived back in Louisville and has been reunited with his teammates. Ware, along with his mother and step father left Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis earlier this afternoon and recently arrived at the Louisville basketball practice facility. Chane Behanan shared the following photos on his Instagram account.

ware reunited ware reunited 1

Pretty powerful stuff…

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  1. The brotherhood in this team is powerful,they have touched so many people. Makes me really proud to be a Cardinal! Cant wait for Ware to get better can come back! Win for Ware!

  2. What a team and teammates GO CARDS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I have been a Cardinal fan all my life and this is by far my favorite team. The character that each individual team member possesses as well as the team as a whole is amazing. I respect and admire your loyalty and determination. That is why we love you and why you are competing at the level that you are. I’m so proud to be a Louisville fan and I’ll be there in Atlanta rooting you on!!

  4. Kevin Ware you are an inspiration to soooooo many people worldwide! The way you rallied around your team and coach in spite of the unknown status of your injury was beyond remarkable! You have done something that neither Coach Pitino, Coach Calipari, nor Governor Beshear could do. You have die-hard UK fanatics rooting for our Louisville CARDINALS! This has NEVER happened and may never happen EVER again!! Godspeed to you Kevin Ware and stay off your feet! Godspeed to our LOUISVILLE CARDINALS!

  5. Uofl mens basketball show real love to their teammate kevin ware go cards

  6. I am so happy that Kevin is on the road to recovery. It is very touching to see the bond that this team has. Go Cards!

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