John Calipari’s Daughter Takes A Shot At Louisville Fans

A portion of the Kentucky fan base was up in arms this morning as a cartoon from today’s edition of the Courier Journal had gone viral on Twitter.

Noel Cartoon

This cartoon left the Big Blue Nation feeling a little disrespected. Although this appears to be harmless and the cartoonist even added a ‘get well soon, Nerlens’ note to the side, certain Kentucky fans took it as if the C-J was mocking and or making fun of Noel’s season ending injury.

When feeling insecure, the most common reaction from Kentucky fans is to point attention towards Louisville. That was no different for Erin Calipari, the daughter of Kentucky head coach John Calipari. After seeing the cartoon from the Courier-Journal, Erin decided to draw her own cartoon, taking a shot at Louisville fans in the process. This photo was posted on her Twitter account earlier this morning.

eric calipari tweet

Whatever makes you feel better, I guess?

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Nick Coffey
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  1. I see her artistic side didn’t come from her daddy’s side of the fan… He would have cheated and paid someone to draw it for him. Lol. Go cards!!

  2. I thought she was in high school, not elementary school?

  3. They sure like to dish it out n then say ” ah it’s just fun n a rivalry” but if it ever comes back at them they get furiously angry and it’s beyond personal, and as we enjoy sports (all of them) I’m sure “wait till next season is already very common, I just dont understand why they get so angry if they like to be so mean about it when they dish it at us, and 75% of them didn’t even go to school there

    • 75% of them don’t even go to school, period! Unless ciphering their paycheck received from saying “Welcome to Walmart” all week counts as school.

  4. When UK is doing great all you hear about is “how awesome they are” and “how UL sucks” and blah blah blah…not every year can be a good one. Learn to take the good with the bad and move on. Buncha sore losers… #L1C4!!!!

  5. They need to look at their scouting reports from last year and see if they can read them. Aren’t there 4 other McDonalds All Americans on that team???? You sure can’t tell it.

  6. She is corny and lame. If your comeback is garbage (like the her team) you probably should leave it as a thought.

  7. Of course he can’t read it, the jersey is facing to the side!

  8. lmao its ok uk u to will shine again just not this year haters keep on hateing go cards

  9. How about we compare team GPA’s?

  10. The Calipari family is making progress. Last year they couldn’t read a map and claimed Louisville didn’t exist.

  11. Don’t nobody care about them getting mad, let’s get ready for the next joke so we can post it up..

  12. I like that hat tho lol

  13. Typical BBN stupidity. The fact that it came from Cals daughter shows that the ignorance goes all the way to the top. By the way UK fans, can you read this? NIT

  14. What the bleep is “LouisviuF”? Daddy didn’t teach you how to spell or write letters?

  15. Noel….. knee problem…..N.I.T…….Cartoon ….. WHY was she thinking of UL…… Worry about Vandy or Mizz honey Cards are out of your league

  16. You can see that she is majoring in art at UK.

  17. If this was some seven or eight year old little girl it would actually be kinda cute. The fact that Erin Calipari is a 25 year old college graduate makes this SAD. Apparently they didn’t teach her much of anything at UMass.

  18. Envy us much? I thought UK fans were the illiterate ones.

  19. Wonder how many UofL players tapped Erin’s ass!!!!!

  20. Hey about the comment of going to the school to be a fan. I’m a diehard Louisville fan I haven’t gone to college yet cause I’m still in high school, but just cause you don’t go to school tere doesn’t mean you’re not a fan. I’m gonna try to but idk If I wanna pay 30 grand for out of state. I’m from Pennsylvania and I know a lot more about the cards then most of you probably do, so just cause you didn’t go there doesn’t mean you can’t be a fan.

    • Pump your brakes kid. If you’re from Pennsylvania rep Pennsylvania. But a lot of these people are alot older than you, born in Kentucky, and I can guarantee you don’t know more or fully understand what it means to be a Cards or Cats fan. Some of actually saw the 80 and 86 championship. Some of thee people know about not only Dr. Dunkenstein, but know co-captain Tony Branch and how awesome he was. We know Boo Brewer, LaBradford Smith, Dejuan Wheat, Jason Osbourne, Clifford Rozier, etc. We remember the Metro conference, etc. So pump your brakes on that kid. You might get embarrassed.

      • I respesct your knowledge on the past years of Louisville, but I meant as in my generation of team. I’ve seen videos, and videos of games from nearly every player you named there. I don’t like the pennsylvania comment though. To me that determines who you like based off where you’re from, not if you love the team, passionate about the team, etc.. I spend a lot of my time on Louisville, their recruits, their game films, etc.. I don’t whine and cry when we lose, I stick with the team through all weather. I’ve watched the football team go into their bad seasons after we won the Orange Bowl. Basically, I understand your comment, but even though I didnt say it, I was referring to this generation of Louisville… my generation of fans. Location should never determine who you like… It should be who you’re proud to be a fan of, who you would stick with through the bad times, and root for no matter what.

        • Rowdy, as a cards fan since BIG Wes and Butch beard, i say well said and i would agree with you that you might very well know more than a lot of Uof L fans. And as for you Kerry, the one thing you want from you team if it’s gonna be big time, is for fans from outside the base to root for you. the band wagon at U of L is huge and anyone can hop on. i’m impressed with the kid from Penn. if he wants to be a Uof L fan i say that’s great. so cool your jets there kerry. in fact i went to Male with a Hinkle or 2 wonder if your related. LMHS class of 74 GO CARDS

  21. It’s a joke, not a dick..don’t take it so hard.

  22. Cal is a stupid a$$hole and his daughter is butt ugly… there

  23. I feel that she should have directed her cheesy cartoon at whoever drew that cartoon. Uk fans crack jokes all day long on Louisville fans. I don’t think that it was meant to hurt Noel, but HER Dad is the one who got on national t.v and said “HALF OF THE TEAM IS UN-COACH-ABLE” As far as her stating that fans/players can’t read……lmao she needs to educate herself and look at our players G.P.A’s. Clearly her thought process is just like her father’s. By the way next time get someone else to draw your picture, that was a hot mess! Last but not least Louisville Fans wish NOEL nothing but the best. We never wanna see a player get hurt. But little girl learn your history and stay in your lane. For YEARS UK fans have been dogging out our players so please don’t think that UK players get some special kind of pass. Last but not least, there are ALOT of cartoons that could be drawn that are true facts, but I’m not a hater so I will stay in my lane. Go Cards!!!

  24. First BBN #1. I am a die hard fan but I am not a Cal fan at all. Born and raised in Louisville but I bleed blue. I don’t feel that was a hit at our hurt player but it was stating that were done for the year but hell our own coach said that our #1 recruiting class was uncoachable. Double slap.. As far as us feeling disrespected hell we the fans and coach Cal has disrespected Louisville.
    1). Coach said Louisville didn’t exist- well I live in Louisville and its bigger and better than Lex.
    2). He said no other school in the state of Ky matters, well 4 ky schools were in Tourny last year.
    3). He broke his neck to play games at Freedom Hall- I don’t want Louisville playing in Rupp.
    So the disrepect is on both sides. Stop crying lets make a run in March and show Louisville why we are the state school.
    P.S. Louisville y’all finally have a good team but not going anywhere cause yall can’t finish games.
    BBN will rise to the top.


    • In what way, in what sport? We just won a BCS game. We’ll be at least a 2 or 3 seed in the NCAA, while UK will be lucky to get into the NIT. Please explain yourself.

  26. How can so many people miss the point because of blind fandom? She took a shot at Louisville because it came from the Louisville paper – that being the same paper that will never criticize UL for fear of the AD and Pitino’s wrath and would not have published a similar cartoon had the same circumstances occurred at UL. Both cartoons are pretty funny actually. UK and UL are just two spoiled kids playing in the same sandbox.

  27. Any Cardinal fan want to explain why Ricky P won a Naional Title with Kentucky after rebuilding a decimated program but can’t seem to win one in Louisville? Maybe he spends to much time eating Italian when he should be recruiting…………

  28. Why are you uk fans looking on cardinal connect? Could it be you have nothing else to look forward to, so you come ease drop on the team representing the state of KY! Go from a national championship to the nit in one year:( plus your coach has been exposed if the players are not capable of coaching themselves this is what you have, a coach is a has been:)

    • The only coach that is a has been coaches your favorite team. I never said that UK was great or even good. They need to win the SEC tournament to get into the NCAA which probably isn’t going to happen. I guess your theory about National Titles applies to the coaches at North Carolina and Florida since the same thing happened to them in 2009-2010 and 2007-2008. Maybe just maybe, if Ricky P can stay out of the restaurants long enough to recruit a top rated class that all leave the next year you too can experience what we are going through this year. By the way, let me congratulate you early on your successful entry into the round of 32 in the NCAA tourney, they only sweet sixteen you will see this year will be on MTV.

  29. Her picture looks like she spelled LOUISVIUF. LOL

  30. We as fellow Kentuckians need to stick together if it is UK or UL. Be for the team that is playing Tenn, Duke, NC, Kansas get my point.

  31. me thinks that uOFk fans doth project too much.

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  33. Calapari’s daughter is just like her CHEATIN, LYING FATHER, He probably hired someone to draw it for her. If she’s college age or soon to be he’ll hire someone to take her SAT test for her. Father and daughter…….TWO SCUMBAGS !!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. It’s Cal’s daughter, of course she supports her father’s team, not a big deal and nothing to get upset by.

    • “support” includes making fun of the rival, for clarity. I was interested to see what she said, but after seeing it this gets a “who cares” from me.

  35. Erin is jus mad cause her dad is a failure and a cheater. She can’t accept the fact that truth is ky is nothin without noel. And they are NIT BOUND L1C4

  36. Look up to what? The cheatingest program in the history of D1 sports.

    1952 – NCAA Death Penalty
    1989 – NCAA post season ban

    Not to mention the football team (not a program) has been on probation too at least once.

    Oh yeah how could I forget the cheatingest coach in college sports period. And I use that term coach very loosely, Cal is not a coach, technically he’s not a recruiter either. He sits back let’s Espn tell him who the best players are then he goes and signs them cause they can pay them to play.
    Yeah we look up to you, we know what not to do. Not sure how you KenSucky fans can even talk trash at all, cause all you have is 8 banners hanging, and you maybe earned 2 the right way, and that was with a real coach and recruiter. Coach P.
    Don’t worry though, Miami, Ohio State, USC as well as many others can relate to you all cheaters.

  37. i hope she lives a better life than her dad but as a rule the apple doesent fall fer from the tree.

  38. Haha I love the fact that UK fans have the Cardinal Connect app. Either they cant read or they are so jealous that we are the team in the state in all sports i.e. basketball, football, baseball, volleyball, soccer……..I could go on. Perhaps you UK fans could make your own sports app and troll somewhere else.

    The Best School in the state

  39. Uk is in the sec which stands for suck enormous cock

  40. “This cartoon left the Big Blue Nation feeling a little disrespected.” Oh really? This from the same big blue nation that loved the “Louisville doesn’t exist” T-shirts only one short year ago. How times have changed but typical response from arrogant uk fans. We reap what we sow

  41. Cal’s daughter needs to stay in her lane …no one in card nation is mocking or not wishing Noel nothing but the best….your ignorance and ugly cartoon shows a ugly and dark side!!!!!!! Grow up!!!!!! You do not have two nickels to rub together in the UL and UK rivalry……

    • Erin is not really upset at uofl fans she has misplaced anger. She is really upset with how uk fans have stressed out her dad by giving up on this years team and doing nothing but talking about next year. But then again Cal has given up on them too “uncoachable.

  42. I’m trying to figure out this girl’s mind. I don’t have any idea how old she is, but I taught elementary school for 30+ years. This seems like an ‘oh yeah?’ response I’ve seen from 9 year olds for years.
    A man who does editorial cartoons gives his ‘opinion’, not one person connected to UofL has anything to do with it.
    But her response is this immature, ridiculous picture/comment insulting us?
    I don’t even know who the ‘us’ is. Fans? Players? Whatever…it’s ridiculous.
    Her reasoning skills leave a LOT to be desired.
    As I said, I don’t know this girl’s age…but my advice is the same.
    Two words, Erin: GROW UP!

    • I understand this girl is a college graduate. But that is hard to tell since her cartoon was an extremely childish and vindictive way to express herself. The CJ cartoon isn’t mean or heartless and to come back this way shows a very poor attitude and an unsportsmanship-like behavior. And she should be glad I am not her parent.


  44. Louisville is overrated.

  45. I’m surprised she could spell Louisville!

  46. no class just like her dad.

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