A Twitter Recap From Louisville’s Five Overtime Loss On Saturday Night


Since everybody either watched the game or knows what happened in the end, there isn’t a big reason to go over the X’s and O’s. Quite frankly, the whole thing defied logic, common sense, and any sort of precedent.

Still, it was something to behold.

To recap, I’m just going to look back on my excessive tweets from Saturday night and try to tell the story from the perspective of couches across Louisville. Here goes nothing, starting with some pre-game nonsense.

8:39 PM – “I think the reason I haven’t found “that girl” is because I don’t have a profile on ChristianMingle.com”

This was my pregame realization that I don’t have a valentine for a reason. Ladies, my Twitter is right at the bottom of the page.

8:43 PM – “I’m sorry if I tweet a ton during this game, but if you’re still following me you’re used to it.”

Warning to everyone that this was going to get bad. Had no idea HOW bad.

8:49 PM – “If Notre dame had ladybirds, would they be the shamrockettes?”

Seriously, would they?

8:59 PM – “I hate Notre Dame”

First of many, and the game hadn’t even started yet.

9:00 PM – “Nice touch there by @JayBilas “I hung a banner in Freedom Hall in 1986”. Bilas is one of my favorites.”

Bilas is one of my favorites, both as an analyst and as a guy who generally makes sense.

9:02 PM – RT @WHASLefkoe “Scott Martin is watching from the sideline… but will still find a way to get dunked on.”

You could tell he was still upset about it.

9:10 PM – RT @_ChrisHatfield “Really like the way Gorgui is attacking Cooley early on.”

Gorgui did have an advantage over Cooley, and he also lasted much longer.

9:21-9:34 PM – “Luke Hancock. Hero” | “Shooters gotta shoot. #LukeHancock” | RT @ULhothot “Luke Hancock wink #fortheMFhaterzzz”

Rattled off three straight about Luke Hancock because he shot freely, he’s my personal hero, and he made a significant contribution to the game. Also, @ULhothot nailed my thoughts precisely with that last one.

9:39 PM – “@TheCardConnect just hearing her voice makes it more angelic.”

This was about Samantha Ponder. Self-explanatory.

10:05 PM – “@cashley32 dude ruzzle will be the death of me.”

Seriously, it’s the most stressful game ever.

10:06 PM – I re-tweeted a picture that Calipari tweeted of him and John Boehner. This assembly of mankind made me shudder.

10:09 PM – “Manti Te’o at the game”

Didn’t even mention his fake girlfriend.

10:14 PM – RT @rtkirk01 “but his girlfriend isn’t”

There it is.

10:16 PM – #ChaneSlam

Behanan had an outstanding game despite the outcome, and his post play was extremely impressive. Would love to see it continue on Thursday.

10:23 PM – Luke Hancock may be the lead topic of the next #Section111 on @TheCardConnect

OK, so he wasn’t the LEAD topic. Still, excited about the way Luke played. Looked a lot more like the George Mason version. Much more confident.

10:30 PM – RT @howielindsey “Note to photographers at ND-Louisville game. If at any point the seat next to Manti Te’o is empty, take that picture.”

Did anyone capture that? Or did Swarbrick arrange for 2 girls to follow him every time he sat down?

10:37 PM – “Notre Dame is chanting USA. Their jerseys say “Irish”.

The chant was directed at Gorgui. Everything about Notre Dame is infuriating.

11:00 PM – “Just find a way to finish this ugly game.”

And so it begins…

11:01 PM – “Is anyone doing something fun after this? I need some fun. And just listening to “Fun.” Isn’t fun enough.”

Frustration setting in.

11:11 PM – “Ok, Reggie Miller.”

Following Jerian Grant’s ridiculous run of 3’s. Here we go…

11:12-11:16 PM – “This can’t be real.” | “Oh my God.” | “Ok…” | “Well here goes nothin.” | “I need drinks now.”

Here comes the first overtime. Last one is funny because I’m still 20, so the whole needing a drink thing was more of a figure of speech than a reality.

11:18 PM – “Favorite player to the line.”

Luke reference.

11:20 PM – “My blood pressure is skyrocketing. Not sure if it’s this game or that whole box of cheese stuffed soft pretzel bites. #ItsBoth”

It was both, mostly the pretzels.


Overly sensitive and highly annoyed at this point.

11:28 PM – “Basketball is stupid. Stupid stupid stupid.”

Really could have used a Snickers.

11:34 PM (following a plea to give the ball to Russ) – “So you mean to tell me there’s 5 MORE MINUTES OF THIS?”

There were way more than five.

11:42-11:44 PM – “Kevin Ware. SO much to like about his game/potential” | “Give it to Kevin.”

A moment of seriousness: Kevin Ware’s athletic ability coupled with his ability to slash to the basket will be so valuable once that outside jumper gets better. Love his upside.

11:48 PM – “I’m laughing hysterically at this point.”

Following the second overtime I believe. Little did we know…

11:50 PM – “We’ve resorted to screaming everyone’s first name when they shoot to will it in.”

We did that for the entire third OT.

12:02 AM – “This is stupid.”

Going to the fourth OT. It was very stupid.

12:12-12:17 AM – “This isn’t happening” (it happened) | “I just can’t” (moment of self-doubt) | “Yes I can. #L1C4”

Here we go. Got my mind right after five good minutes of digging deep in self-reflection.

12:19-12:25 AM – “I really like SVT. Still confident. Right?” | “Chane though.” | “I love Luke.”

All of this was true, until…

12:31-12:36 AM – “Oh my god.” | “Dick vitale is insufferable right now and I like him.” | (in response to @HaleyOSomething’s “Hendo?”) “Hendo.” | “Huge joke.”


12:37 AM – “Ugh I hate Notre Dame”

12:38 AM – “Well I’m really exhausted. Go Cards.”

We were all exhausted. Shouldn’t have even gotten to overtime, but it’s not even close to the end of the line.

See you at the Yum! on Thursday, back in Section 111.

Go Cards.

About Chris Gehring

Chris Gehring
Chris Gehring is a contributor for Section 111 at TheCardinalConnect.com. He is also the Author of BelievingSince1999.com, a Cleveland sports blog relentlessly fighting for 4th place. Follow him on Twitter @cdgehring, and E-mail him at cdg23@zoominternet.net.

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