Photo: Louisville’s All White Adidas Uniforms For Marquette Game

As I’m sure most of you have heard Louisville’s game against Marquette on Sunday afternoon will be a “White Out” at the KFC Yum! Center. There is no official word if Rick Pitino will wear his infamous white suit or not, but the team will wear special edition all white uniforms from Adidas. Here is a photo of them that surfaced on Twitter this morning.

all white uniforms

Louisville is one of a handful of schools that will wear special edition uniforms from Adidas. If you haven’t seen some of the other schools, Adidas likes to make the names and sometimes numbers nearly impossible to see.

Other than not being able to see the last name on the back, I think these are pretty sharp.


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  • Brian

    I love them! We had great luck with the infrared ones last year so why not?

  • Justin

    When will UL go Nike? Personally, I think the only good thing Adidas brings to athletics is soccer equipment, which I am a big fan of. I have never liked Adidas basketball, uniforms and athletic gear….

    • Anonymous

      thank u for that comment, we need nike, all of nike stuff are clean

      • ChanTheVille

        Soooooo true!

    • Anonymous

      No doubt, been hoping we will eventually discontinue Adidas and go Nike

  • ryan

    My church leagues jerseys from my middle school years looked better thsn these..adidas is slacking!!

  • Josh

    They look see through.

  • andre winkfield

    what does the shorts look like, we need nike…

  • Justin

    Adidas may fork over more $$, but I find it hard pressed to find 9 people out of 10 who would vote for Adidas over Nike. My vote- get Nike in before we head to ACC!!

  • billygunzfunker

    Hell at least we dont wear under armor their gear sucks like the wildcats look at maryland gear horrible

  • Seth

    I do agree the Nike uniforms do look better but I like having Adidas ones, it makes us different from uk, duke, north carolina and the other Nike sponsored teams!

    • Anonymous

      We need to be the same. Different generation Jordan’s or Adidas. You know what they want.

  • Johnathon

    I’m with Justin. I wish they’d go Nike. But I like this alot. Kansas’ were pretty cool as well.

  • http://Yahoo Bev

    They look really good. I hope the team likes them. looking forward to the white out on Sunday.Go CARDS!!!

  • Seth

    I Love Them!!!!!

  • K. Jones

    Plain, yet nice. Hope to see them available to the fans somwhere down the line.

    • Damien

      They are available in Cardinal Authentic in the Yum Center. The one in the picture is actually one you can buy; that’s why there is no name on the back. They only have Siva’s #3 Jersey available though.

  • Junkman

    There’s a name on the back of that jersey???

  • Henry

    I think they’re sick

  • PatEmDown


  • PeeBody

    Yeah… Let’s make sure the University gets right in on all of that Chinese slave labor… Just to please all of the “cool” KIDS

  • Dave / New Mexico

    COOL…Less is more !!!

  • Dan fagin

    Tell the NIKE salesman to quit leaving “comments” under other people’s names! Dan F

  • Anonymous

    i heard that they werent the real ones

  • Jules

    I like names on the back. Also the numbers look like they will be difficult to see. I hate the font on the black unis-I have a 32″ tv

  • Tony

    Nike or Adidas…Not Impressed… I don’t care who makes it. The look is too bland.
    I don’t like the grey number.

    Why not have the Fighting Cardinal large on the back with the number in BOLD BLACK on his Jersey and on the front a Cardinal Face with the number in BOLD BLACK under the him?

    They could be made without charge by a local vendor to show support for the Local Economy.