Rick Pitino Says Kevin Ware Won’t Be Back Anytime Soon

Ware PitinoIn his post game radio interview with Bob Valvano on 84WHAS, Rick Pitino said Cardinal sophomore guard Kevin Ware won’t be back anytime soon. It was announced earlier this afternoon that Ware was suspended indefinitely for undisclosed reasons.

Pitino hasn’t hinted at what exactly what Ware did to earn an indefinite suspension, but it certainly doesn’t look good at this point. During the pre-game show with Paul Rogers, Pitino said he was very upset with Kevin.

Following the game tonight he was asked by the media about the situation, but didn’t elaborate too much. “I’m really not thinking too much about it. He’s suspended indefinitely,” Pitino said. “As long as we’ve got Logan, Jordan and Slime, we’re in good shape.”

Mid-season suspensions from Pitino usually don’t last too long, but this one seems different. Ware isn’t allowed to participate in any team activity during his suspension. He wasn’t on the bench tonight and isn’t even allowed to practice.

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  1. cchacoby@gmail.com

    It must have been something that could have put the whole team out of the compliance with the NCAA..

    • No. If it was something that would affect the team as a whole he would have said what it was. Ware messed up somehow, and coach is making him pay for it.

    • Let’s be real, if Ware was only six feet tall or less Pitino would never suspend him. Ware is simply too TALL for a guard in Rick’s mind just like Angel Nunez was. Maybe Pitino asked Ware to play power forward as he talked about doing with his tallest guard last year, Nunez.

  2. It was probably grades; hasn’t he been out for that before. He never looks happy anyway. Not too upset about it.

  3. I heard it had to do with twitter or Instagram but idk pe it doesn’t hurt to much…

    • It’s my understanding that’s what Chane was in trouble for at the beginning of the season, being on twitter, so this is a possibility….

  4. Rumor has it that he got frustrated for being yelled at and told Pitino to FO in practice. I imagine the Mayor of Munchkinland whirligig in his hair wasn’t helping his case overly much, either.

    • LOL – Honestly that was my first first instinct, Pitino got in his face and Ware told him to FO :)

      • LOL…Maybe he knocked him off the ladder he used to get in his face?

        What else could someone do that was worse than being a lying adulterer, and not be arrested and charged with a crime.

        Perhaps Minime should take a good hard look in the mirror before judging one of his players actions. Would he suspend one of his players for doing what he did? He obviously has no problem with suspending his own moral conscious.

  5. Pitino said he’s not worried because we have Baumann, Bond, and Dark Slime….is he being serious?

    • Kevin ware really wasn’t a huge offensive presence, he was good on defense, and was mainly used to give smith/Hancock/Siva breaks in the game, but I think once Wayne is back we will be alright. Still three starting guards deep.

  6. Kevin,

    If you read Connect, I hope you read this andI hope you get back with the team. I was really impressed with your performance at the Red/White scrimmage and think you can be a huge asset for the team. I know Pitino is hard to deal with sometimes, but he will make you a better overall player.

    Many blessings to you!

    Big Cards Fan

  7. Rick on his bs a player don’t kiss his ass he gets rid of them. Jus another Character episode. Rick P ain’t won a title yet but can demand ass kissing when you have really earned that from no player. Kiss asses are a endangered species these days. Suck it up Rick quit being a b#*€ . Some coach we got players mess up people mess up, you r not God jus a little man in a suit paid to coach win n help these kids not down play and degrade them. You ain’t who you think you are anyway, because you haven’t won a championship yet for the Cards. Be a man n grow up swollow your pride n let these guys play ball the way they know best JERK

    • Kevin?

      Is that you?

    • You obvious are a UK fan…what is wrong with this new crop of gifted players is that they think they know it all and do not want anyone to tell them anything….just think…in the future you are going to have to listen to person in higher authority and kiss some ass in order to advance…he is just preparating these young men for life..if he cussed the coach…he should not be suspended—he should be gone—-he does not need another Character on his team…remember Character— where is he now!!!!!!! Life has rules!!!!!

  8. Rick treads a fine line with many of his recruits. He recruits many borderline kids, but seems to be able to keep most on the reservation. The only weapons he has are suspension and playing time.
    With the one and done rule, it has to be exhausting keeping kids like this in the team framework.

  9. I think FANS would be A lot more positive if Ricky wouldn’t lie as much. In the same interview he says we will be ok as long as we have henderson and slime. Then says were in trouble if your see dark slime out there. WARE gone and this is who HE said was most improved player. one week he says were better than last year and last night he says were the exact same team. Come on Rick your drivin us to drinkin hell almost smoking again.

  10. young kids have a lot of growing up to do if they are to make it in life this is not the first for ware im glad rick trys to help them in that regard ,not like the one up the road play hard this year if you pass fine if not thats ok to ,ill get you in here somehow and who cares after that.

  11. Its got to do with him and Siva not getting along and Ware missing classes.

  12. Maybe he caught him w/ a girl in a resturant on a table?

  13. I heard he got in a fight with another player on the team

  14. there is no question the absence of Ware hurts the guard rotation.I really hope it is Rick making a point and Kevin returns soon.I believe this is the year the Cards can win it all,however these distractions cannot continue deep into February.

  15. U of L’s finest.

  16. You calling someone a mindless moron.You sure like a asshole (asshole)!

  17. Only other player for the guard position would be Henderson I guess

  18. Pitino is in control. Let him handle the situation. He has always made the right decisions. He will be fair, but the team needs Ware.

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