Pitino Stressing The Importance Of Defense & Shot Selection

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Rick Pitino briefly spoke with the media earlier this afternoon. He spent some time discussing both the loss to Villanova and tomorrow’s match-up against Georgetown. Pitino stressed the importance of improving defensively and taking better shots. Here are some quotes.

“Because we have some offensive decencies, our defense has to be the best in the country. It can’t be one of the best in the Big East it has to be the best in the country.”

“What we really have to focus on is taking great shots each time down the floor.”

“Each team has what they really do well and you have to focus in on that. We can’t hide what we don’t do well when we take bad shots.”

“One thing I always tell them and always repeat to my players is that film doesn’t lie.”

“We must take great shots for us to get in our press.”

“We must become an awesome defensive team that takes high percentage shots.”

“We have to be a top three defensive team in the country to achieve our goals in March.”

“We haven’t had good luck against them (Georgetown). We haven’t had good luck because we’ve let certain individuals have great games against us. The games are very close and very hard fought.”

“They’re a good defensive team and their offense goes through Lubick. He is the David Padgett of their team.”

“Porter is a heck of a basketball player.”

“We had to come back in the game against Villanova with Stephen Van Treese and Kevin Ware. It has to be guys who understand what we need.”

“We will probably make a change in our starting lineup tomorrow. Not that it matters who starts. We’re just trying to get good shots.”

“Peyton and Russ are doing a very poor job at challenging shots. You have to get off of your feet and challenge a shot and not just stick your hand up.”

“I don’t know how deep they (Georgetown) shoot it, but they shoot it well.”

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