Rick Pitino Says He Was Devastated With Loss To Syracuse

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Rick Pitino spoke with the media earlier this afternoon to briefly recap Louisville’s loss to Syracuse on Saturday and preview tomorrow’s match-up against Villanova. The media got much more of a reaction from Pitino today regarding Saturday’s loss. His post-game press conference on Saturday was brief and not very informative to say the least. I’ve not seen Pitino as upset as he was on Saturday in a very long time.

Pitino had very good reason to be upset, considering his team was in control for nearly the entire game. “We should have won that game and gave we gave it away,” Pitino told the media. “I was devastated with the way we lost that game, Peyton went away from that play that was supposed to ran.”

A loss like Saturday’s can help a team down the stretch, because there is plenty to learn from it, but knowing it was a game that the Cards should have won makes it very frustrating.

Saying what I’m about to say will make me sound like the negative fan that I’m always portrayed to be, but Louisville honestly didn’t play very well on Saturday. With that said, they still should have beaten a top ten team. It took Brandon Triche having the best game of his life and Gorgui Deing and Peyton Siva not playing particularly well for Syracuse to sneak away with a win.

Saying that this was a “good loss” is a stretch, but overall there are many of things that Pitino’s team can learn from this.

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  1. Personally I believe we should of won this game easy considering the momentum we had, however, I believe this loss was needed to humble the team after winning ten or eleven straight. Last year, I don’t think the Wildcats win it all if Vanderbelt losses the conference championship. This will regain their focus and remind them that the game comes down to the better team at that moment in time.

  2. They only lost by two everybody act like they lost by twenty!

  3. It’s how they seemed to panic at the end. Got out of what was working. Made horrible, very preventable mistakes.

    Plus FT shooting dropped off.

  4. Payton did not play well, Gorgi doesn’t look like the old Gorgi, before the wrist, and the 3 spot is still in question.
    We lost by 2 to the #6 team.
    Watch out Villanova!!

  5. I was center court about 4 rows up and the team looked like they didn’t have any fire in their belly at times. That told me that this game was going to be suspect. Turns out it was.

  6. Refd had alot to do with the results….on both sides of the court unfortunately

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