Louisville Will Replace Boise St. & San Diego St. With Temple & Houston In 2013

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Brett McMurphy of ESPN is reporting that Louisville will replace San Diego State and Boise State on the 2013 schedule with Temple and Houston. The Cards will play at Houston and at home against Temple.

San Diego State and Boise State were both slated to leave the Mountain West and join the Big East in 2013. Over the past two months, both schools decided to stay put in the Mountain West due to the departure of many other Big East teams. SMU is the only Big East team that Louisville won’t play next season.

Unfortunately for Louisville, in what is expected to be their best season in school history, the Cards will play one of the worst schedules in the country among BCS teams. We’re all still holding out hope that Tom Jurich is able to add an elite level non conference opponent to the 2013 schedule. Fingers crossed!

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Nick Coffey
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  1. That is a big step down

  2. wow…some real stiff competion,look out cards

  3. With the crappy schedule that the Big East has saddled us with, unless we can add a quality game onto that schedule, it doesn’t matter how high we start off in the pre-season polls even if we go undefeated there won’t be enough respect to get us into the national championship disscusion. Come on Tom, get us a good game and give us a chance.

  4. Has Tom ever let us down……..?

  5. Sadly the schedule will suck next year. Hopefully ESPN will help make a TV game for us. Tom is going to have a hard time hooking up a game for the Ville after what we did to Florida, think about it. So we still need to go out and fill the stadium and support our team, Look at the joy they gave us on Jan 2nd. It sure was sweet.

  6. now we will be known as the team that is scared to play anybody, so we can make it to the big game.Really there was nobody else out there we could have picked up. Those games are not worth watching.

  7. Hates this schedule but at the end of the day, we can’t make the big boys play us. Maybe the ACC could help schedule a game for next season

  8. I’m really disappointed, I was expecting at least 1 great OOC game…….

  9. Cards have a sorry schedule, but you have to play what is dealt you.
    Let’s hope Jurivh comes through with at least one BIG opponent.

  10. Not our fault the schedules sucks so bad. We just need to blow out every team next year and hope there won’t be any undefeated teams but us.

  11. It sucks because you saw what we were able to do against a good team. We NEED a rough non conference opponent

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