Peyton Siva Quietly Leading The Country In Assists

I suppose I have to admit an error on my part for not knowing this before taking the time to look to look into it this afternoon, but Peyton Siva is currently leading the country in assists per game. I realize it’s extremely early in the season and as Coach Pitino said in his press conference yesterday, it’s tough to gage stats at this point. However, I first and foremost wouldn’t be surprised to see Peyton Siva continue to be one of the top dime droppers in the country.







9.0 Peyton Siva 3 Louisville
2 8.667 Jason Brickman 3 Long Island
3 8.5 Jace Tavita 4 Hawaii
4 8.4 DeAndre Kane 5 Marshall
5 8.333 Pe`Shon Howard 3 Maryland
6 8.25 Larry Drew II 4 UCLA
7 8.0 Trey Burke 3 Michigan
8 7.75 Anthony Collins 4 South Florida
9 7.333 D.J Cooper 3 Ohio
10 7.25 Patrick Miller 4 Tennessee State

The college basketball crew at CBS Sports released their first edition of the National Player of the Year Watch. Maybe I’m biased, but I found it unreal that the starting point guard for the No. 2 team in the country and the nation’s leader in assists per game wasn’t mentioned at all.

Siva’s 7 points, 9 assists and 2.7 steals per game stat line might not jump out at the casual basketball fan, but at this point PS3 is doing exactly what he needs to do for the Cards.

I encourage you to not pay attention to how many points her scores per game. For the first time in his career, Siva now has the pieces around him to play the natural point guard position and create for his teammates. Once Louisville finally plays an opponent that will guard them man-to-man, I expect you’ll see a more aggressive Peyton Siva. However, at this point Siva has played his role pretty flawlessly.

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