Shawn Waston’s Name Being Mentioned As A Candidate To Potentially Replace Gene Chizik At Auburn is reporting that Louisville offensive coordinator Shawn Watson’s name has been mentioned by Auburn president Jay Gogue as a potential candidate if current Auburn coach Gene Chizik isn’t retained after this season.

Two years after winning a national championship with Heisman Trophy winner Cam Newton, Auburn’s football program has fallen on hard times. The Tigers are currently 2-7 overall and 0-6 in SEC play. Since winning a national championship in 2010, Auburn is 4-12 against SEC competition. Chizik is in his fourth season at Auburn and is without question on the hot seat.

It’s a little surprising to see Watson’s name being mentioned as a potential replacement at Auburn, considering he’s spent most of his career as a coordinator and didn’t have a lot of success in his one stint as a head coach. Watson was 11-22 in three season at Southern Illinois from 1994-96.  It’s not that I don’t think Watson is capable of being a good head coach, but I’d expect a program like Auburn to go after a higher profile name.

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  1. Not in the realm of possibility… I’d be disappointed to take him as an OC. We are in the midst of a complete upheaval and replacement of systems, offensive and defensive philosophies. True it went a lot further down than anyone anticipated but we have an incredibly talented staff…. Two FB Award winners, Chizik has two NC rings and is the best recruiter I’ve seen. He signs players regardless of circumstances. Why? His vision is clear. It’s changed to opposite ends of the spectrum but that doesn’t mean we won’t be successful again once the dust settles, everyone is trained up and knows their role.
    There will be no replacement and we’ll be cracking heads again by next season. Best of luck to mr Watson but it won’t be as HC at AU.

    • Why don’t you take time and find a really worthy coach, IE – example like Jon Gruden, he’s available then we would have a coach like Alabama – isn’t that what they did when hiring Coach Saban – Auburn deserves as much with salary they pay?

  2. We are too quick to throw out our coaches in the SEC. Give him a few more years!!! He’s a good man and his recruiting is incredible.

  3. We need avoid coach. With a Proven winning record . One that’s a proven leader ,one that coaches from the sidelines too that’s not afraid to get on a players tail when he screws up .not one that just stands on the side chewing gum like an idiot an doing or saying nothing. maybe jimbo fisher , kerbi smart, pertrino, chip Kelly , malzone … Someone the players will have confidence in.

  4. Auburn has the character some other schools do not. Auburn builds men, not just NFL players like some schools in the SEC. Auburn will stay with Chizek one more year, to let him have a chance at redemption. Besides, it is a poor business decision to pay out millions to buy out contracts, when you have a good man already. Recruiting is excellent under Chizek, and only a new OC is needed. Auburn builds men, not just NFL players.

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