Audio: James Quick Says If He Had To Choose Today, He’d Go With Louisville

On 1450 The Sports Buzz tonight Trinity High School Wide Receiver James Quick joined the Montrell Jones and Kendrick Haskins for the Monday Night Football pregame show.  This interview gave perfect example of how you never know what you may hear on 1450; in fact sometimes it could be big news.

Early in the interview Jones asked Quick to relax and let his hair down and not to be nervous and worry too much about how he would answer questions.  That could be what led Quick to offer some interesting insight into how his recruitment is going.  After spending some time talking about the path to becoming a wide receiver at Trinity (initially played QB until his eighth grade season), it wasn’t long until Montrell hit him with some questions that we have all been wondering.

Just recently James Quick visited Ohio State to see the Buckeyes romp the Nebraska Cornhuskers 63-38 in Columbus and came away very impressed.  Even telling Cardinal Authority’s Jody Demling that Ohio State was “now sitting right there at the top with Louisville.”  When Jones asked of the updated top three nothing came too surprising when James listed Louisville, Ohio State and then Oregon.  The interesting part was when Quick confirmed that the list was in fact “In order.”  That would’ve been enough to prompt rumblings locally and in Columbus, but it didn’t end there.  With no hesitation Montrell’s next big question was easily the biggest when he asked which school would be the top choice if he was forced to chose now.  As a listener I’m thinking, “no way to we get an answer to that.”  I have been wrong before and was more than glad to be wrong with that assumption.  Without hesitation James Quick said that if he had to chose now he would pick Louisville.

This by no means is a commitment and delivers nothing definitively, but it has to make you feel good for Louisville’s chances.  Quick has always had Louisville atop his list but after that visit to Columbus that confidence of Quick becoming a Cardinal was lessened a bit.  With James being the top Wide Receiver in the state of Kentucky and one of the tops in the country, there is no question that he is one of Charlie Strong’s largest targets.

Hidden in the interview James also mentioned that he would be paying close attention to how the teams get the ball to their receivers.  The performance of another local stud Wide Receiver DeVante Parker on Saturday against Pitt surely got the attention of Quick and hopefully the Cards can continue to build on that type of performance and show James that Louisville could be the right place for him.


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